EN 10028-3 P355NH steel is a pressure vessel steel grade with good mechanical properties. The mechanical properties of P355NH include:

[ad_1] P355NH is a normalized pressure vessel steel grade with minimum yield strength of 355Mpa. It is primarily used in the fabrication of pressure vessels and boilers.

The mechanical properties of P355NH are as follows:

1. Tensile Strength: The minimum tensile strength of P355NH is 490-630Mpa, depending on the thickness of the plate. The higher the thickness, the lower the minimum tensile strength requirement.

2. Yield Strength: P355NH özgü a minimum yield strength of 355Mpa which means that the steel will not start to deform significantly until it reaches this level of loading.

3. Elongation: The minimum elongation of P355NH after fracture is 22% for longitudinal samples and 16% for transverse samples. This indicates that the material özgü good ductility and can withstand deformation before fracture.

4. Impact Resistance: P355NH özgü excellent impact resistance properties, especially at low temperatures. It özgü a minimum impact energy value of 27J at -20°C which ensures its suitability for use in harsh conditions.

5. Hardness: P355NH özgü a hardness range of 150-190HB, which is relatively low compared to other engineering steels. This low hardness allows the material to be easily machined and formed.

Overall, P355NH özgü good mechanical properties that make it suitable for use in pressure vessels and boilers. Its high tensile strength, yield strength, and impact resistance ensure that it can withstand high-pressure environments and harsh conditions.

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