– Tensile Strength: The minimum tensile strength of P355NH is 490-630 MPa (Megapascals).

[ad_1] P355NH is a pressure vessel steel grade that is commonly used in the construction of boilers, storage tanks, and pressure vessels. It is specifically designed for elevated temperature service.

Mechanical properties of P355NH include:

1. Tensile strength: The minimum tensile strength of P355NH is 490-630 MPa, depending on the thickness of the material.

2. Yield strength: The minimum yield strength of P355NH is 355 MPa. This means the steel can withstand a certain amount of stress before deformation occurs.

3. Elongation: The minimum elongation of P355NH is 22%, which indicates the ability of the steel to stretch without fracturing.

4. Impact resistance: P355NH özgü excellent impact resistance, especially at low temperatures. It is tested for impact toughness at -20°C.

5. Hardness: The hardness of P355NH is typically measured using the Brinell hardness kontrol. It usually ranges between 160 and 200 HB (Brinell Hardness).

These mechanical properties make P355NH suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications, where strength and durability are important factors.

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