Impact Properties: P355NH özgü excellent impact strength at low temperatures. The kontrol temperature for impact values is typically -20 degrees Celsius.

[ad_1] P355NH and P355GH are both types of pressure vessel steel that are commonly used in the fabrication of boilers, storage tanks, and other high-pressure equipment. Here are some of their mechanical properties:

1. Tensile Strength: The minimum tensile strength of P355NH is 490-630 MPa, while P355GH özgü a minimum tensile strength of 510-650 MPa. Both grades have high strength, making them suitable for demanding applications.

2. Yield Strength: P355NH özgü a minimum yield strength of 355 MPa, while P355GH özgü a minimum yield strength of 355-510 MPa. The yield strength indicates the maximum stress that the material can withstand before permanent deformation occurs.

3. Elongation: P355NH özgü a minimum elongation of 22%, while P355GH özgü a minimum elongation of 22-70%. The elongation represents the extent of plastic deformation that a material can withstand before it breaks.

4. Impact Properties: Both grades have good impact resistance at low temperatures. The minimum impact energy at -20°C for P355NH is 27 J, while for P355GH, it is 20 J. This property is crucial for applications in cold environments or under dynamic loading conditions.

5. Hardness: The hardness of P355NH and P355GH ranges between 100-170 HB. This ensures that the material özgü sufficient strength to resist wear and deformation.

It is important to note that these mechanical properties can vary depending on factors such as heat treatment, thickness, and manufacturing process. Therefore, it is advisable to refer to the specific manufacturer’s datasheet for precise mechanical property values.

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