Erdemir Heat resistant? Steel Grades

Heat resistant steel grades

High Heat Resistant What are Erdemir Steel Grades?

Erdemir boiler sheets? another name? also pressure? container steels. Heat resistant There is the letter P at the beginning of the quality names of steels. The letter P also indicates that these steels can be welded well. P same? It is also the first letter of the English word pressure. Their durability under high temperature conditions? they protect. They have good plasticity and toughness properties even when exposed to high pressure. Welding capabilities are high. However, an increase or decrease in this feature can be seen according to the heat treatment. They do not easily deform. In this way, they can be used for a long time without decomposition.

Erdemir boiler sheet qualities:

  • 6341 Erdemir quality sheet metal
  • 6252 Erdemir quality sheet metal
  • 6352 Erdemir quality sheet metal
  • 6838 Erdemir quality sheet metal
  • 6855 Erdemir quality sheet metal
  • 6860 Erdemir quality sheet metal
  • 6865 Erdemir quality sheet metal
  • 6870 Erdemir quality sheet metal
  • 6837 quality edenir sheet metal
  • 6842 quality metal sheet
  • 6847 Quality Erdemir Sheet
  • 6848 Quality Erdemir Sheet
  • 6852 Quality Erdemir Sheet
  • 6850 Quality Erdemir Sheet
  • hii quality sheet metal
  • h2 quality sheet metal
  • p235gh quality sheet metal
  • p265gh quality sheet metal
  • p355gh quality sheet metal

Boiler sheets used in many areas in industry? different? It is produced by forming components. Partially separate for low temperatures and very high temperatures. materials with components can be used. In this way, while providing quality in production, financial profit can be made.


P235GH material is defined as unalloyed steel according to EN 10216-2 standard. Assist in boiler production in industry used as a piece. About 150-200he isIt remains intact up to C temperatures. It also withstands higher temperatures when used in steam boilers. has been seen. Since it is suitable for cold forming, it can be processed easily.


Generally used in oil, gas and chemical industry, P265GH is a seamless steel tubing. 450 he isIt can withstand up to C temperature. because of that? It is frequently preferred in boiler and pipe production. When compared with P235GH material, it is seen to show similar chemical properties. However, Carbon content is higher and Manganese content is lower. Benefits of manganese effects on carbon ratio? it appears as it increases. Reduction of undesired ductility in steel? sa?ke hold on?m?n? increases.

Steel grades used in tube making

Because of these features? tensile strength? is higher. In this way, better efficiency can be obtained.


pressure containers and hot liquid P355GH, which is used in the production of carrying pipes, is among the steels with good weldability. Its carbon and manganese components are higher than P265GH.

The material you will buy is suitable for your place of use. It is very important. For example, the pressure you will use at very high temperatures? if you are going to produce a container, it will not see your mind to buy the P235GH material. If you are undecided about material selection, you can get support from our company. We can help you choose the best material with our experienced engineer staff.

The P group boiler sheets that you will purchase from our company are produced in accordance with quality standards. Production can be made in a short time in the dimensions you want. It can be delivered to your address if you wish. Our company, which stands out with its customer satisfaction rates, makes deliveries all over the country.

Erdemir Heat resistant? Steel Grades, high temperature resistant steel grades, steel grades used in tube making

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